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What is Wine and Zine?

The Wine and Zine Collective is a collaboration between five friends who animate and draw comics. We met while studying Animation at The University of South Wales, Newport in 2009. 

We are: Jess, Claire, Bryony, Gemma and Zara (left to right)

Since then, we have since spread across England and Wales on our individual journeys before finally establishing ourselves as a collaborative venture called Wine and Zine in 2017.

Our aim as Wine and Zine is to produce our own independent and collaborative art and comics for the British small press industry. Some projects will be created by all of us, a few of us or even just one, but we also intend to invite special guests onto specific comics. And no, you do not have to be a woman to join in!

Although our lives have moved far and wide, we always find time to catch up with a glass of wine together! Join us for a cheeky glass and to see the various art, comics and animation we make together!

...watch this space!