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What is Wine and Zine?

The Wine and Zine Collective is a collaboration between five best friends and fabulous ladies who animate and draw comics. We became instant BFF's studying together at University all the way back in 2009. 

Introducing the fabulous: Jess, Claire, Bryony, Gemma and Zara (left to right)

One day in 2017 we were celebrating our friendship over a bottle of wine and decided it was about time we all made something together and formed our collaboration 'Wine and Zine'. Loosely based on the phrase 'wine and dine', we are aware this name does not rhyme, though we sometimes affectionately call ourselves 'ween and zeen'.

Our aim as Ween and Zee—er, Wine and Zine is to make our own art and small press comics and showcase them at conventions and festivals. Some projects will be created by all of us, a few of us or even just one, but regardless there is a little piece of all of us in everything we make.

We regularly exhibit at the  Thoughtbubble Comics Festival  in Yorkshire, UK (our favourite national convention!), have made over 10 comic and zine publications together and were very proud to be interviewed by Women in Animation in 2019 for their Spotlight Stories program!  You can read our interview with them here!

Although our lives have moved us far across England, Wales and Ireland, we always find time to catch up with a glass of wine and plan our next exciting project. And if that doesn't make our lives sound busy enough we also run a Podcast where we chat comics and nonsense! So join us for a cheeky glass to listen and see the various art, comics and cool stuff we make together!