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Meet The Artists

Want to know more about us five best friends and fabulous ladies? Here you can see more of our individual work and follow us on our social media accounts.

Bryony Evans - A Welsh Animator Hey-hey I’m Bry! I have a collection of various graphic novels and giant animal necklaces that is ever growing, it’s a tricky problem when you have the nomad’s life. On chill weekends I love to sketch at my favourite café’s while sipping an oat milk cappuccino... bliss. David Attenborough is my main dude! Always love listening to soundtracks, feel-good music or true crime podcasts while I work. The way I like to finish off a hard week’s work is enjoying some fine pints at the pub with mates. Fun fact, my hair is a great frizzy focal point on top of my tall, muppet body so you’ll never lose me in a crowd. I am also a leftie!

Out of the group I’m the most extroverted, so comic conventions are my jam as I love meeting new faces and chatting about shared interests as well as learning new ones. I seem to keep becoming the ‘producer’ when it comes to organising our next big project⁠—I didn’t choose this life, it chose me. I thrive working collaboratively but I have also published my first one-shot comic, The Silent Horns in 2019.

I’ve worked on some great projects with some fantastic people; a good few pre-school animated shows, two feature films and a short film by one of my biggest inspirations: Joanna Quinn! My aim is to keep challenging myself in my art and to meet awesome lovelies along the way.

Claire Spiller 'Sup internet! I'm Claire, and my head is full of stories. I have three and a half bookcases heaving with books, and make time to read every day (or else I get cranky). I'm really into documentaries, podcasts, wildlife, and dragons. Drawing animals is my bread and butter, with particular enthusiasm reserved for vultures, cows (aka big dogs) and axolotls.

When I'm not drawing I'm writing, or at the very least spilling ideas into a notebook for my next project. I make art prints and comics alongside my work with Wine & Zine and self-published my first comic, a one-shot called Lost Light, in September 2017.

My goal as an artist and storyteller is to publish my own graphic novel or comic series, though at the moment I'm buzzing off the creative energy and collaborative potential here at Wine & Zine. Seriously, we're gonna bring you great stuff. My life goal is to live my true hermit life in the countryside surrounded by dogs, birds and cows. I guess you can come visit. But bring wine, yeh?

Jess K Leslau Hello I’m Jess!
I’m the eyeliner-or-die member of the WaZ collective! I’ve been animating and illustrating professionally in London since 2012. I’ve worked on film projects such as Ethel and Ernest, Isle of Dogs, Aladdin, Dolittle and The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

A life-long fan of musicals, if you ever catch me putting lyrics into everyday chit-chat, then I will love and respect you forever. But don’t be fooled by my adoration of all things cute and pretty, I’m also a devotee of true-crime podcasts and shows. I can be talking about babies and puppies one minute and then the next, taking a hard-left to talk about all things murder-y and crime-y.

Swimming and long walks keep me sane in the hubbub of London life and I enjoy nothing more than going on foodie adventures with friends and family around town too.

I’m excited to continue making fabulous artworks with these wonderful ladies of the Wine and Zine collective. I hope you, dear reader, will enjoy everything we create too!

Gemma Roberts - AmberDust Studios Hi I’m Gem, a freelance artist who gets to draw and animate for a living, it’s pretty cool! I’m quite the geek and obsess over Ghibli films, Stitch and Final Fantasy. I love my cat Mila, who is a very special princess and gets spoiled everytime I visit home. I enjoy yoga, archery, sushi, oat milk, listening to soundtracks while I work, story-driven video games, all things ‘80s and playing tabletop roleplay epics at my games club. I dislike tomatoes, early mornings and sharks! I am usually recognised by a flower in my hair and whatever colour I’ve dyed my hair recently.

Of the 5 of us, my role tends to be a techy one as I figure out how to make our ideas happen, but in person I am often called the ‘Mum’ friend as I’m attentive and a good listener. I wrote about being Bi in our first anthology comic and am always looking to flip gender roles and defy expectations. In our work together I want to look at making more romance and fantasy stories and challenging myself as an artist.

Some of my animation credits include Ethel and Ernest, The Bears’ Famous Invasion of Sicily, The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Cartoon Saloon’s Wolfwalkers. My graduation film Acorns received the Royal Television Society Wales Centre award for best undergraduate Animation and I am still trying to find time to make another!

Zara Zukinee Hey-ho, Zara here! Living the dream drawing comics and working in retail. Woohoo! I’m an illustrator and I doodle literally wherever I go: on the bus to and from work and on every receipt or notepad I can get my hands on! I am always drawing my original characters and comics and am currently developing more stories with my OC's Roy and Rei.

From a very young age, I have been interested in creating comics and fantasy novels, which has evolved into actually making them! I have a perfectly healthy obsession with an anime about pretty ice skaters (you might’ve heard of it) and have built a shrine in their honour. Despite not being a hugely romantic person, I absolutely love romantic comics, especially the steamy ones.

I have a fear of butterflies, moths and heights but still like to climb stuff! I read a lot of Korean manhwa, love to cook, sew and make things!

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