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The Wine and Zine Starter Pack

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Get our 3-in-1 bundle to save on all of our collaborative publications, just in time for Christmas! You'll save on postage too, what's not to like?

Includes a signed copy of "Our Story", "Swap" and the latest "Anthology Volume One" to start your collection!

Our Story: A 16-page full-colour comic that tells the story of how Bry, Jess and Gemma met at University and began a journey into their animated careers. From first jobs and meeting animation heroes/heroines to daunting periods of unemployment, we hope to show the ups and downs to inspire young animators like us!

Swap: A 20-page full-colour zine, Swap is a modern look at gender representation in pop culture. Five artists present 15 illustrations reversing the gender identity of characters from well-known books, games, musicals and movies to subvert gender portrayal in media and show just how fun and interesting it could be!

Anthology Volume One: A 32-page full-colour comic, this is our first anthology, collecting five short stories from five best friends: Roy And Rei Get Ice Cream by Zara Williams, Rise by Jessica Leslau, Defining Bi by Gemma Roberts, His Voice In The Trees by Claire Spiller and Leap by Bryony Evans.