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Swap - A Genderswap Fanzine


Image of Swap - A Genderswap Fanzine

Swap is a modern look at gender representation in pop culture, in this zine five unique artists take on the task of reversing the gender identity of characters from a number of well-known books, games, musicals and movies to subvert gender portrayal in media and show just how fun and interesting it could be!

Featuring the likes of the Maria Sisters, Rikki and Morticia, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Harriet Potter and the Husband of Frankenstein! Your copy will be individually signed on the inside cover by the artists: Bryony Evans, Claire Spiller, Jess Leslau, Gemma Roberts and Zara Williams.

A 20 page full-colour comic featuring 15 illustrations by 5 artists on high-quality 150gsm silk paper and a thick cover with a gloss finish.

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